Micro built-in Screw & Nut:

The head appearance is round type, round tooth type, six mao type, below the head is a castle type cannelure, its purpose, in order to enable being processed the thing and pushed and built-in, the material of the worker crop is inlaid through plasticity out of shape, is it is it save effort, save space, lower costs and lock strength to be strong can destroy noumenonn a great deal of advantaging to save time to reach.

In conformity with market, we develop micro built-in screw and nut can supply plastics any or metal material products small to take demand of fastener.


Built-in screw can apply to case outside the products extensively, such as  cell-phone, several camera, MP3, PDA, DV, V8, shake person who accuse of, stereo and electric apparatus switch, control panel,etc.


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