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with the most advanced manufacturing technology, production pairs of metal compounding type contact, supply domestic and international customer's use with all kinds of rivet type electric contacts. Because we research the physical characteristic of the noble metal material and use the condition precisely, can offer different materials, various kinds of specifications make the electric contact up the production of professional lines is consulted and proposed the most..


Electric function of contact is it is it close mechanical movement and electric intermittent at being getting fine return circuit moved to roll over to turn on to lie in.  Material, form and making up of the electric contact, are concerning highly characteristic of using of melting, multiuse of the products. So the good electric contact must possess and consume and shift few and contacting resisting to hinder low and stably and able to bear arcly. (namely suitable hardness, the easy characteristic of machining)



Main Application:

Apply it to on the electric return circuit and control switch and component of tool instrument movements of auto motorcycle, electron, electrical machinery, electric apparatus, machine,etc.

 The electric contact, especially require the extremely strict contact switch, the following is stated:

(1) Home appliances: such as telephone, tax machines, lighting equipments.
(2) Consumer electrical products: such as burglar alarms, stereo systems, dimmers, alarms.
(3) Electrical machineries: such as controllers, converters, motors, meters, switches for the power supply.
(4) General industrial equipments: such as control panel for machineries, control panels for assembly lines..etc.
(5) Engineering system equipments: Such as the control panels for the factory power supply system, control panels for traffic control

     signals, control panels for the sewage treatment facilities..etc.
(6) Communication facilities: Such as the signal exchange centre in the telecommunication centre, signal transmitting stations for

      the telecommunication facilities..etc.

Double alloy compounds contactMaterial & specification

             Compound materialBasic material



Silver / Copper

99.99% silver /99.99%  copper 99.99%Fine Silver/99.99%Copper

Silve, Nickel / Copper

90%  silver, 10% nickel /99.99%  copper  90%Silver,10%Nickel/99.99%Copper

Silve, Cadmium / Copper

88%  silver ,12%  cadmium /99.99%  copper 88%Silver,12%Cadmium Oxide/99.99%Copper

Silve, Tin / Copper

90%  silver, 10%  tin  /99.99%  copper 90%Silver,10%Sn/99.99%Copper

Silve, Tin, Indium / Copper

90%  silver , 7%  tin /3%  indium 99.99%  copper 90%Silver,7%Sn,3%In/99.99%Copper

CharacteristicThe complex intensity is up to 98%

Suitable for the rangethe small capacity contactor, relay,  temperature controll, timekeepe

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