Micro Rivets & Micro Hollow Rivets

Our company use cold presses for the production and the first-class material utilizing the elasticity to be good, have a damaged situation to defend the crack part to needn't burn the chain. And for customer service to makes the micro rivets & micro hollow rivets fastener which produces external diameter 0.6mm, length above 0.55 mm, benefit the fastening application in the extremely small space of the products.


The micro hollow rivet can be applied to Fastening of all kinds of sheet metal such as the medical apparatus, various kinds of PCB-FPC soft circuit board, and auto, motorcycle, bicycle, electrical machinery, electric apparatus, electronic machine, toy etc.

Head type


Surface to handle


Material  a mark








A5052 A1100

stainless steel

SUS410 SUS430 SUS302 SUS305

 Nickel. Chromium. Gloss zinc.

                  Plate nickel and plate chromium for being beautiful to must use

Plate the gloss zinc but the anticorrosion and price are cheap

Type & purpose


Main purpose

Use measures

Half point type

Electric apparatus products. Leather trunk. Chair. Toy. Automobile machine treadmill. Furniture. Ornament. Machinery of the kitchen, etc. are used extensively…..

Completely dividing type

Leather. Cloth. Paper. Rubber.Wood etc..

The soft material is used in the situation without hole

Segmenting type

Can use turning some and homework part round individually.

Changing type

Engine part and some vibrations, electrical home appliances of motor of automobile, can spend on the adjustment of the screw.

Electrics type

Use inserting holes and filling in of electric apparatus products, the electronic machine products,etc..

Sheet metal type

Metal, timber, plastics, fibre wait for sheet metal have to link hole, can save space.


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