Many Strokes Screw

Many strokes are forged for the efficiency full-automatic mode of production, the material is after forging shaping more to process, because the thinning and netted organization of crystalline grain is arranged the effect moved by difference, and has improved the intensity of the material, and toughness, and can finish the manufacture of the multi-layer complicated non-standard heterotypic part. 

possession 1 mold 2 strokes to 6 mold 6 strokes full-automatic production equipments, fine technology and professional team have in coordination with development ability even more, can shorten the demand which researches and develops time for customer, and help the customer to meet an emergency on the market fast, improve the competitiveness.


Main Application:

The cold forging screw of many strokes has wide use range, can be suitable for auto / motorcycle parts, bicycle part, electric appliance, bearing, gear, building hardware, power tool, machine parts etc. 


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