What can Taiyi-can do for you?

 High speed cold forging equipments

We possession 1 mold 2 strokes to 6 mold 6 strokes high speed small cold forging full-automatic production line at present, and screw making machine, precise form machine which can produce the micro fastener products of diameter 0.6mm, length above 0.55 mm, plan to offer the development services of the screw and rivet products to customer at any time.


Improve output of tenfolds

We possess fast production mould, manufacture capacity, make output to be up process high at least more than 10 times than turning, can make customer's production cost reduce and improve the competitiveness of the products.

Lead develop in 3C/IT micro fastener

The scientific and technological products of 3C/IT move towards and develop ' light and thin and short and small ' fast, more careful precise and micro screw, micro rivet fastener demand for 3C/IT products of global market are intense day by day.

We professional in micro fastener production technology, we have systemic merger material, mold design make, high-speed cold forging shaping equipment and manufacture technology, surmount oneself again, challenge size limit.

What can Taiyi-can do for you

Taiyi can offer and correspond to it with a large number of demands produced rapidly, and all these models are produced on an integrated operation line, control the customer is strict with the speed of production and quality of micro screw products.

 Specialized technological consultation

We can offer all kind of micro fastener production technical consulting service such as materials, specification, kind, application.

 Model Creation

The making of the precise and tiny mold, different from traditional idea, we can make out the mold fast for the customer, improve and research and develop production efficiency.

 Fast cold forge forming

We can direct chart or special idea demand, for customer service makes and develop the special micro screws, micro rivet, and built-in screw etc.

guest is it is it develop special accurate micro screw, security screw of specification to take to make

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